Starting a business doesn’t have to cost thousands—or even hundreds—of dollars. If you want to become an entrepreneur but don’t have a lot of cash in the bank, there are plenty of resources to help. The key to success is careful strategizing. The below guide explains how to found a business on a limited budget.

Do Your Research and Choose Your Business Model Wisely

Use these resources to identify cost-efficient business ideas.

Diversify Your Funding Options

There are many possibilities for financing.

Embrace Innovation to Reduce Overhead Costs

These tech tools can save you time and money.

Build Your Network for Added Support

Minimize risk by finding people you can rely on. These resources can help.

  • Consulting services like Kolz Associates can be a good investment. By advising on issues like cash flow, they can help you save money in the big picture.
  • If you don’t have the cash to start a business solo, find a business partner.
  • Local small business organizations can be a great place to network.

If you think you don’t have the money needed to start a business, think again. You can become an entrepreneur, even if finances are tight. The above resource guide reveals how it’s done.