About Kolz Associates

Kolz Associates consists of dedicated, driven, experienced financial services executives that have run the accounting, marketing, compliance, collection agency network, law firm network, accounting, investor relations, bank relations, client services, pre-buy analytics, post-buy analytics and the collection agency for private equity firms. Previous debt buying company that deployed $850M in purchase price (or $11B in face value) in the poor economic environment from 2007-2012 while still managing the portfolio on a very profitable and compliant manner. The creation, documentation, and automation of compliant processes and procedures created led us to have one of the lowest costs of capital in the industry while minimizing complaints, regulatory actions, and lawsuits.

About us at Kolz Associates
Bill Kolz

Bill Kolz

Chief Executive Officer

A proven visionary and strategic leader with 25 years of receivables management experience that translates business strategies into maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of investors, partners, employees, and consumers.
An expert in unlocking profitability; developing strategic lending initiatives; and growing each segment of a loan portfolio. Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service, uncompromising ethics, technology, regulatory compliance and performance excellence.
Experienced executive with proven track recording leading Information Technology, Process Management, Operations, Modelling, Scoring and Compliance for Private Equity investors and a seven-bank $150 million revolving credit facility syndication.

Kolz Associates, LLC
President (2012-Present)

  • In an executive consulting capacity, served as Senior Vice President of The Performance Management Group for JH Capital Group to improve and expand the collection agency network, legal agency network, scoring and portfolio improvement service to improve performance of their $150 million a year capital purchases of consumer portfolios.
  • Served as CEO of Creditmax LLC from 2012-2016; during this period Creditmax doubled its loan portfolio volume, drastically reduced its cost of capital, increased the number of asset classes they serviced, improved their compliance and reduced their high-risk exposure by more than 50 percent.
  • Kolz Associates provided due diligence services for four private equity firms, 6 large debt buyers and 3 collection agencies since its inception with a focus on consumer and education credit products.

EAF, LLC – Buffalo Grove, IL
Chief Operating Officer and various other executive level positions (2004-2012)

  • Purchased and managed more than 400 portfolios for a total investment of $800 million plus in original investment values, while maintaining an IRR% forecasted goals.
  • Achieved 60-70% CAGR in revenue, EBIT and net income.
  • Significantly improved modelling and forecasting methodology to improve from a 10% variance methodology model a 1.5% variance forecasting model.
  • Led IT team in design of platform infrastructure; server farm, centralized storage and virtualized infrastructure that enabled EAF to expand its system 400% without adding any staff or variable expense.
  • Conducted regular risk assessments and quality assurance reviews to evaluate compliance with S1 and SAS compliance requirements and to identify potential gaps in policies, procedures and business processes. 
  • Acting CEO of Apex Financial, a collection agency subsidiary of EAF with 250 employees in two sites in Illinois and Arizona, growing the agency into a top performing agency for EAF and numerous other clients.