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ERC has been utilizing Zenarate as part of our overall orchestration called Symphony for the last 4 months.     Symphony is ERC’s orchestration of hiring and training new talent in an elaborate composition typically in four movements.   Those movements are attraction, selection, tethering and training.

Zenarate is an integral piece of our training program, allowing our team members the opportunity to hone their skills through AI, versus live customer interactions.    By following the call scripts through Zenarate, ERC’s team members have the ability to learn from mistakes in a safe environment.    A key to the success of Zenarate for ERC is the daily reporting exposing the highs and lows of the previous day’s practice sessions.    This reporting allows the training team targeted coaching opportunities for each team member daily.   The focus of these coaching sessions include areas of opportunity and  to celebrate success and growth day over day.   ERC has seen a reduction in training attrition since the introduction of Zenarate into our training program, which is attributed to team members seeing early success and having hands-on practice.

Not only does Zenarate play a part in ERC’s training program, but is a piece of our tethering movement.    Our recruiting team is able to speak to Zenarate during our hiring process, assuring potential candidates the use of tools that will help ensure their success.    Selling Zenerate during the hiring process gets potential team members excited to join ERC and use this impressive technology in their training.    This has shown an increase in offer to show rates for our talent acquisition team.   Zenarate is often asked about Day 1 onboarding with new team members curious when they get to use it.

ERC has seen such success in our current programs where we are using Zenarate, we are now looking to expand the scope of programs we utilize it on.

ERC highly recommends the implementation of Zenarate.   The Zenarate team is a pleasure to work with, and is highly responsive to questions and has a fast turnaround on requested changes.

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