Strategic Consulting Services

Executive BPO Solutions

Kolz Associates provides interim or part-time CEO, COO, CFO and CIO services for emerging to mid-size companies for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time executive professionals. By hiring Kolz Associates for your executive services, you not only reduce your expense, but also move the cost from a fixed salary expense to a variable expense. This allows for quicker implementation of automation, processes, and procedures necessary to obtain your company’s objectives.

Kolz Associates brings experience in, data warehouse, information management, reporting, disaster recovery, infrastructure assessments, business continuity planning, portfolio management, financial modeling, scoring, cash flow management, and project management services.

Valuation Services

Kolz Associates provides valuations services on consumer and commercial receivables based on diligent accounting and data scrutiny, regulatory review, legal review, contract review and collateral analysis.

Kolz Associates provides remote and on-site due diligence service to evaluate portfolios or companies for acquisition or investment.

Cash Flow Consulting

Cash flow management is one of the biggest challenges of emerging companies. Kolz Associates has the leadership skills, expertise, and processes to guide a company through growth.

Kolz Associates can automate processes to reduce manual work effort, increase compliance, lower costs, and accelerate cash flows through treasury management process improvement.

Kolz Associates maintains relationships with many of the large banks, servicers, and asset managers which aides in establishing complex cash management processes.

Investment Services

Kolz Associates can assist startup, distressed, or growing companies maximize their profit margin through enhanced, automated, and compliant procedures. Once implemented, these compliant procedures will assist companies in reducing their weighted average cost of capital. Kolz Associates will translate these investment services into recapitalizations, acquisitions, or exits.

Kolz Associates supports companies in becoming more regulatory compliant through tested compliance procedures and policies. Improved policies and procedures make emerging companies attractive to a different investor pool. The inclusion of enhanced information technology in the compliance program ensures your data, and therefore your investor’s data is safe, and complaint with investor covenants.

Executive BPO Service

Visionary and predictable strategic planning based on accurate ROI budget and timeline forecasting.

  • Executive Management
  • Platform/Software
  • Data Warehouse and Reporting
  • Collection Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Modeling and Scoring
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Infrastructure Assessments
  • Project Management

Valuation Services

Reliable, accurate and practical appraisals of assets based on collateral and cash flow evaluations.

  • Commercial Receivables
  • Consumer Receivables
  • Portfolios
  • Acquisitions

Cash Flow Consulting

Accurate financial modeling and analysis to control cash while enhancing your profit margin and exit value.

  • Balance Sheet Consulting
  • Income Statement Consulting
  • Financial Exit Planning

Investment Services

Professional financial modeling and analysis along with well written offering memorandums and presentations to reduce your weight cost of capital or to raise capital.

  • Capital Raising
  • Acquisitions
  • Recapitalizations
  • Merger Assistance